Welsh artist Gwynfor Roberts - Privacy policy.

Welsh artist Gwynfor Roberts
Privacy policy.


Welsh Artist Gwynfor Roberts is an Artist living in South Wales, U.K.
All work undertaken is the work of Gwynfor Roberts, All Drawings and paintings are the work of the artist and he has received no assistance from other people in the production of his work. Gwynfor is responsible for his website, the digital photography and the Fine art giclee prints. No third party is involved at all.

WWW.GWYNFOR.COM is a SECURE ART WEBSITE which displays most of his work. Fine Art prints, Table mats and certain original paintings are for sale.

No third party is involved with the producing of prints or the painting of originals.This is all done by Gwynfor Roberts.

The website is designed and managed by Gwynfor Roberts - no third party is involved.

THE WEBSITE DOES NOT USE COOKIES. The only details I have are those you provide when you buy my work or correspond with me and disclose your name and address, details will be deleted within 28 days. If you want your details removed immediately then contact me and I will do so.

There are no forms to complete, no registration and I don't keep an email list plus no email is kept longer than 28 days which is the time I allow for returns.

Whilst in my possession (28 days) your details will not be passed to a third party.

Please be aware, there are third party links on my site : PayPal, Sharethis and links to other art related sites. Should you use any of these links then you will be subject to their Privacy Policy.

This site uses Google tracking annalytics. I use this to track the number of visitors, general location and what pages are viewed. No names, addresses, domains or I P addresses are taken/used.

Provenance :
Purchasers of original paintings are given a provenance which is intended to be kept with the painting. The provenance will include their name and address. I will keep a record of this for historical purposes only. No third party is involved with the provenance.

Gwynfor Roberts works as an individual artist and does not employ any other person in his daily activities. No work is outsourced.

Original paintings are only available direct from Gwynfor Roberts.

Should you have any concerns please contact me.


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