Welsh Artist Gwynfor Roberts

Painting of Tiryberth
from Cefn-Hengoed (2017/27)
Welsh Artist Gwynfor Roberts

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This oil on linen - 26 x 42 inch painting captures the north/easterly view of the valley from Cefn-Hengoed. The horses shown are at home here, all with local owners.
For a number of years now I have noticed my paintings have become less detailed - comes with age - and they seem to have a viewing distance where the painting comes together, I'm happy with this since painting large works can be labour intensive, my early paintings were much to detailed. Dare I say this painting is quite rough with use of the palette knife and brush, even fingers on the sky. Still, that's the painting and it shows how my style is shifting through the years. Don't want to become too impressionistic since I do like to paint a recognisable landscape
The details below shows the work and some will detect the change in style.

details below :





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